Welcome Future Homeowner Clementine

“As a single mother, I want safety for my son.”

Clementine wants what every mother wants – to raise her son in a safe and healthy home.

Clementine works as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a hospital providing care for others, so that she can also provide for her son.

As a single mother on a single income, it’s been hard for her to find adequate, affordable housing for her family over the years – especially as rents continue to skyrocket. Currently, Clementine and her son live in a rental that is not a good environment for either of them. “My current place is not safe,” she describes, “There are police every day responding to people who are doing drugs, making noise, and fighting.”

Moving away from the fear and instability of an unsafe environment will be an important change for Clementine and her son. “I am most looking forward to living in a community that is safer,” she says.

Homeownership for Clementine means long-term safety and stability for her family. “Getting to actually own a house is such an accomplishment and we’re so excited for the change. We are just so grateful to begin the next chapter of our family story here.”

“I know my life is not going to be the same again,” says Clementine, “Our dreams can become real.” 

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