Top 5 Reasons Volunteers Love Habitat

We recently asked our volunteers to share their favorite part of volunteering with Habitat, and here are some of the most frequent responses.

1. Team Building

“Different people from different places coming together over a common task,” is one volunteer’s favorite part. There is no typical Habitat volunteer – people from all walks of life work together to make a difference. It doesn’t matter which skills you do (or do not) possess, you will always be welcomed and utilized at a Habitat site.

2. Partner Families

“Having the homeowner on-site, and witnessing how our work affects people,” is an inspiring aspect for volunteers. Habitat Denver works alongside families, rather than for them, to build dreams. Volunteers enjoy hammering and painting with the family members to help them build a bright future.

3. Construction

“I have no construction experience. However, by the end of the day my hand was cramping from all the hammering and my fear of heights diminished!” shares one volunteer. Our experienced leaders enjoy helping volunteers learn new skills and accomplish difficult tasks. Not only can you help a family in need, but you can also enhance your own resume!

4. Supervisors

“The people wearing yellow hats and blue hats must be saints. They are patient, forgiving and kind.” Our experienced leaders are there to make you feel comfortable, appreciated, and accomplished. They are forever thankful to all the volunteers sacrificing their time and energy to serve others.

5. Tangible Results

“Manual labor is good medicine. It’s inspiring to see actual progress being made.” By building something, volunteers are able to see the direct impact of their efforts.

Are you a volunteer with another “favorite” reason you love Habitat?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please post your comments to Facebook or Twitter and tag @HabitatDenver.