“This is my dream and promise come true”

When Ahmed and Rusul moved to the Denver metro area, they promised each other that they’d do whatever they could to build a better future for their young family. Four years later, their promise is becoming a reality as they begin building their new Habitat home, where their 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son will be able to grow up healthy and safe.

Ahmed and Rusul work hard to make ends meet and provide for their family. They both attend college while also working – Ahmed as a driver and Rusul as a student peer mentor. Even with two jobs, the rent on their current apartment takes up more than half of their income. A zero-interest home mortgage from Habitat gives this hardworking family a hand-up in building their home and securing financial stability.

As much as Ahmed and Rusul are looking forward to moving out of their small, overpriced apartment, their daughter is even more excited. She currently shares room with her little brother and asks every day when they are moving into their new home.

Ahmed and Rusul’s new home will be close to their children’s school and childcare, providing a safe neighborhood for them as they grow. Ahmed and Rusul look forward to the stability, space and opportunity their Habitat home will provide. “It’s our dream to own our first home, to provide for our kids and build our future.”

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