Thank you to our AmeriCorps Service Members

AmeriCorps members at Habitat for Humanity serve a vital role in providing safe, decent, and affordable housing. ​For 22 years, members have been working with Habitat affiliates across the US. To date, over 9,500 AmeriCorps members and alumni have worked with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes and hope across the nation.

Here at Habitat Denver, we have a great team of AmeriCorps members whom we are proud to work with. From working alongside our partner families, to teaching volunteers new construction skills, they fill an irreplaceable role at our affiliate. Their experiences serving with AmeriCorps at Habitat speak to the future they are building for themselves and the community.

“It has been a very rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable experience to be a part of Habitat Denver AmeriCorps! I chose to serve with Habitat Denver because I felt it would provide a unique learning experience where I could gain new and useful skills while also giving back to the community.
“I’ve really enjoyed learning from our construction supervisors and Regular Volunteers, and being a part of the Habitat partner families’ lives. Learning and gaining new friendships as well as role models on construction sites has been invaluable!”
– Michaela

“I love seeing all of the progress that has happened thus far at Sheridan Square. It’s amazing that a community can come together to build homes alongside hardworking, deserving homeowners.”
– Laura

“I chose to serve with Habitat Denver because I wanted to gain professional skills while working for a mission I believe in: affordable housing for all.I have most enjoyed the opportunities to get to know partner families and fellow Habitat staffers. I have gained an appreciation for the collaboration and commitment necessary from all sides to make Habitat homeownership possible.”
– Mahala

“I wanted to give back and be a part of something bigger. To me, volunteering with Habitat means seeing a bigger picture and looking at life through someone else’s perspective. I’m also learning new skills. It means a lot.”
– Scott

“I really love the opportunity to teach and work alongside different volunteers on a daily basis. Being surrounded by people who care about others and give their time and energy to Habitat is very uplifting.
“Seeing what people are capable of when we work together consistently blows my mind.”
– Jessica

“After my year with AmeriCorps NCCC working on the Construction team, I knew working with Habitat was for me.
“I’ve enjoyed advancing my construction knowledge and getting to work side-by-side with partner families has really been great. Volunteering with Habitat Denver has meant pushing myself mentally, culturally, and physically beyond what I believed my limitations to be.”
– Mac

“I am a second year AmeriCorps volunteer and I chose to serve another year with Habitat Denver because of the amazing people, the amount of knowledge I would gain and because I will be able to help more families since Denver Habitat plans to increase their housing output.
“It has meant so much because what Habitat Denver does (and all Habitats do) strikes a personal chord with me and I understand just how important having a home is.”
– Jannah

“Volunteering with Habitat Denver has been a great experience and has made me feel very accomplished working everyday. I have enjoyed getting to know the people I am working with as well as being on site framing houses.”
– Tristina

“I chose to serve in AmeriCorps to make a difference in the community and I’ve most enjoyed the hard work and good people.”
“Volunteering with AmeriCorps has helped me grow as a person and made me more aware of what life would be like living on a strict budget. In addition, I have gain social skills and learned how to solve problems more effectively.”
– Luke

“Working with Habitat Denver has been a deeply meaningful experience that has helped me grow as a leader and as a person.
“Getting to know partner families is definitely my favorite part of the job!”
– Katie

“Working with Habitat Denver through AmeriCorps brings me great joy and satisfaction. I’ve most enjoyed the sense of community support within Habitat, learning a new skill set, exploring Denver and Colorado, and meeting amazing people!
“My work feels very fulfilling and seeing my progression and getting to hear stories from homeowners melts my heart.”
– Greta

“Volunteering with Habitat through AmeriCorps means that I have the ability to help people as a full time job.
“I really wanted to participate in a service year after graduating and I like construction and admire Habitat’s mission.
“I’ve most enjoyed working with a variety of people from different backgrounds that are passionate about service.”
– Chris

“Volunteering has been a great learning experience – getting to work with different types of volunteers and learning how Habitat interacts with the Denver community.
“I heard about working with Habitat through AmeriCorps through a friend and thought it would be a great experience in Denver where the housing market is insane.
“I’ve most enjoyed getting to learn how to use power tools and working closely with homeowners and volunteers.”
– Samantha

“I chose to serve because I wanted to help make a difference here in the community. I have enjoyed being involved in the build process and seeing families’ excitement for their new homes at dedications.
“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside these families and to help them realize their dreams of having a new home, and also to help people try something new they might not have thought they could do.”
– Kendall

“I chose to serve with Habitat Denver through AmeriCorps because I believe in Habitat’s mission and I was excited to move to Denver and explore the city. I’ve enjoyed working with so many new people and interacting with all of the volunteers.
“I love volunteering with Habitat Denver through AmeriCorps because it has really allowed me to make a difference in the community.”
– Rachel