River’s AmeriCorps Journey

“It is hard to single out a particular story from my service year, because I believe it is the collection of little things we do everyday that make our year impact. However it is at the dedications, when all those “little things” come together and you have a chance to see the immense difference you’re making in our partner families’ lives.

I remember the first dedication I went to and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I was playing football with a couple other AmeriCorps members and the children of our partner family before the dedication, when one of them made a comment that I will never forget: He mentioned that it was the first time he had his own yard to play in. Being able to run around and be a kid in a safe neighborhood is one thing I really took for granted as a child.

It was at this moment when I truly fell in love with the mission at Habitat for Humanity. When I began my AmeriCorps term I knew I was doing a good thing, but it wasn’t until that day I saw just how big of an impact it has on a kid’s life. For me, it’s really all about giving our partner families’ kids better opportunities in life. Knowing that they will have a safe home to live in makes it a lot easier to get out of bed on the coldest mornings.”

~ River C., AmeriCorps National


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