Peggy’s Habitat Home Repair Story

After over 45 years of working as a nurse, Peggy retired at age 70 and was excited to partner with Habitat Metro Denver to complete the critical repairs her home needed.

Her father and mother purchased their home in the Westwood neighborhood when she was a little girl. In 1979, Peggy purchased the home from them and raised her family there. “This house is so special to my family and I want us to be able to always have this as a place to call home,” shares Peggy.

Being on a fixed income after retirement, Peggy was overwhelmed by the cost of critical home repairs that she needed. One of her neighbors told her about Habitat’s Home Repair Program, and she was so excited to learn that this program would help ensure that she can stay in her home for many years to come.

“I spent my whole life caring and working to make other peoples’ lives better, so I was nervous to ask for help myself.” Peggy continues, “But after speaking to the amazing staff at Habitat Denver and working hand-in-hand with volunteers on my own home it warmed my heart and I feel so blessed now.”

Peggy spent numerous hours working on her home with our Home Repair Team and volunteers to replace her windows, install siding, repair a falling fence, and paint her home. After two weeks of teamwork, Peggy was so happy she could barely recognize the home she spent her entire life in.

“I come home and still can’t believe that this is my house!” Peggy continues, “Before I was so scared of my fence falling down and now I can enjoy my backyard again. I also wasn’t able to open any windows in years and now I can have a fresh breeze flowing through the house.”

“I am going to continue volunteering at the Habitat production shop because I am so grateful to the volunteers that came to my home,” shares Peggy. Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, and sponsors who make our Home Repair Program possible.