Patricia’s Home Repair Story

Homeowner of 51 years partners with Habitat for long-needed repairs

Patricia Milton Home Repair (8)_edited

Patricia is celebrating her 80th birthday with some critical – and beautiful – home improvements on the northeast Denver home she’s owned for 51 years, thanks to Habitat Metro Denver’s home repair program. 

“I’ll celebrate just still being around,” shares Patricia. “Habitat has made my house feel warm and cozy and a little more secure.” 

A friend of Patricia’s had partnered with Habitat to make critical repairs on her home, and that encouraged Patricia to apply for the program as well. Habitat staff and volunteers installed eight new storm windows that made Patricia’s home much more weather-resistant and energy efficient. They also installed a new roof with gutters and replaced her fence, which had been in disrepair.  

“We could never have afforded all that,” shares Patricia, a Denver native who raised her three children in the three bedroom home. She lives with her daughter, Brina, and Brina’s 7-year-old daughter, who is disabled. Brina cares for her daughter full-time. Patricia’s two sons are married and live with their families.  

Patricia and Brina paid for about 10% of the cost of the home repairs, and Brina helped at a Habitat construction site to fulfill the sweat equity hours that are part of the Habitat partnership.  

“Brina enjoyed it. She can do everything,” shares Patricia, who is retired, but used to work as a paraprofessional in a school and as a clerk at a psychiatric emergency clinic. “I’m losing my sight so I can’t see how beautiful everything is, but I’ll still enjoy it.”

Patricia especially appreciates the new wooden fence around her home because it keeps her granddaughter safe when she comes over to play.  

“The old fence was older than my children,’ shares Patricia. “I’d replaced pickets, but the new fence is six feet high. My granddaughter plays back there and I know she is safe.”   

Patricia was impressed that the Habitat crew replaced her roof in a single day. “They have a lot of volunteers and they get things done,” shares Patricia.  

On the Saturday that the Habitat volunteers finished work, she bought them pizza and soda to thank them. 

“I thanked them every day they were here,” shares Patricia. “I appreciate everything they have done. I couldn’t ask for better. I just feel blessed” 

“Habitat has made my house feel warm and cozy and a little more secure.”  shared Patricia.