Our Home Repair Program has Expanded to Westwood!

It’s official! Home repair construction is underway on the first two homes in the Westwood neighborhood.

And CBS Denver spoke with a home repair partner Tchapo from Westwood at the Hops for Homes Craft Beer Fesitval and Fundraiser for Habitat home repair.

“I grew up in this neighborhood,” shares Brenda Lucero, daughter of Habitat’s first home repair partners in Westwood, Donald and Gina Lucero. She chatted while putting in “sweat equity” volunteer hours on a neighbor’s home repair project. “My dad’s a Denver native and really involved with the community and my parents have been in their house about 40 years.”

When describing the impact of partnering with Habitat, Brenda explains, “My parents are older, so they can’t take on a large project of their own, and financially it’s a big help to be a part of this program.”

Right now their garage doors are almost falling off and they’re getting an automatic door, which will be awesome,” Brenda highlights. “They’ll be able to park their car in the garage now, and not have to scrape ice off the car will be much safer for them – because they’ve fallen on the ice before.”

Brenda has the unique advantage of recently moving to Globeville, where she’s seen several houses on her block partner with Habitat home repair and now gets to see the program expand to Westwood, where she grew up.

Since 2013, Habitat Denver has partnered with over 180 families in the Globeville, Elyria and Swansea (GES) neighborhoods as a part of our Home Repair program. We will continue partnering with families in GES, as well as expand our program to homeowners in Westwood.

Habitat’s Home Repair Program helps low-income homeowners with essential repair projects so they can continue living in safe, decent, and affordable homes for many years to come.