Our Amazing AmeriCorps!

It takes many hands to make Habitat’s work a reality. If you’ve ever volunteered with us you know this would not be possible without the dedicated service of AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps commit to a year of service in which they learn the ins and outs of Habitat for Humanity while serving as leaders on Habitat’s construction sites and behind the scenes. Read more below about our current AmeriCorps members and the AmeriCorps experience or click the button to learn how you can join!

Find Out More About Joining AmeriCorps!

Bethany Brown (Volunteer Engagement Coordinator): “I decided to do AmeriCorps as a gap year between college and starting a career. I wanted to gain valuable experience working in an office environment in the nonprofit industry and I felt that AmeriCorps would be a very natural bridge between those 2 stages of my life. One lesson that has stuck with me is that you just have to always be adaptable. You may think things are locked down, but then wind up having to change plans or pivot into something else at the last moment.”


Don Dirnberger (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “As an AmeriCorps member with Habitat Metro Denver you will never be without friends. I have most enjoyed meeting new people almost daily. Each person brings their own skills to the table and we must find a way to tap into those skills.”


Eric Miller (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “I wholeheartedly believe that it is a basic fundamental right for every person to have a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home. Habitat realizes this belief through effective action. AmeriCorps is a fantastic opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and develop your leadership capabilities. You’ll definitely be surprised at what you can accomplish in this role.”


Susanna Venn (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “As an AmeriCorps I have enjoyed the connections I’ve made with people as well as the opportunities for growth. Although I came in with little to no construction experience, my willingness to learn, along with patience from good teachers/coworkers, has allowed me to grow into a place where I now teach. It is not a light load but it’s worth it.”


Joe Finazzo (Construction Crew Leader – Home Preservation): “There are a lot of areas of need in the world, and Habitat strives to complete one I find crucial. Housing is important in creating opportunities and many lives are changed through Habitat’s mission. With the dedication of volunteers, staff, and AmeriCorps great strides are being made. AmeriCorps is a fantastic opportunity to change lives in your community and learn great skills.”


Areli Estrada (Construction Crew Leader – Home Preservation): “I believe in Habitat’s mission and showing everyone kindness and love. It is great to come together with like-minded people to accomplish a goal to help the Metro Denver community. I’ve enjoyed seeing how much impact fixing someone’s fence or siding can improve the appearance of the home and really change their well being.”


Russell Frisch (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “Housing is at the core of many other issues – so addressing housing equity can create a huge impact for individual in the community. As an AmeriCorps with Habitat Metro Denver I enjoy being outside and having a tangible impact. The team works together well and I appreciate that we are all learning together.”


Conner Grant (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “In my time with AmeriCorps at Habitat I have learned that it doesn’t pay to color inside the lines. Finding leadership in yourself and having the courage to voice your opinion can be essential. This position benefits you by how much you put in rather than take out. As an AmeriCorps you see Habitat’s mission in action and the effect it has on homeowners, employees, volunteers, and populaces of people. It’s all there.”


Evan Murphy (Construction Crew Leader – Production Shop): “I believe everyone deserves food, shelter, and the means for a happy/healthy life. Affordable homes are instrumental in providing people with shelter and a healthy life. In my role as an AmeriCorps member with Habitat Metro Denver I have seen multiple homeowners complete their sweat equity and are now more than ready to move into their new homes!”


Rachael Lundy (Construction Crew Leader – New Construction): “There is a crucial need for affordable housing in this country, and Habitat is solving a piece of that puzzle. Habitat Metro Denver is an amazing organization made up of strong and effective leaders and supporters. AmeriCorps is a memorable experience and even if you don’t have any construction experience, you can learn everything you need to know as you go. Being able to work with different volunteers every time I am on site has opened up a number of conversations and networking opportunities for myself.”