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More than a Podium: Bidding Adieu to a Symbol of Joy & Pride

t’s funny how sometimes inanimate objects hold such significance and sentimentality for us. Take the old, heavy, clunky and junky Habitat podium that has been a fixture at our events for nearly two decades. This podium has no frills and is the cause of many backaches. Yet when we saw it positioned unceremoniously next to the dumpster today, it stirred emotions in many of us who remember the good times associated with it.

Our real estate manager, Kory Whitaker, shared, “Sometimes a podium is just a podium… but when I looked at the Habitat podium this morning, it was much more. This podium has been the centerpiece of home dedications and events for as long as I can remember. Countless sponsors and supporters have stood at this podium, inspired by the investments they made in homeownership. Countless construction staff have stood at this podium, taking pride in what they have built and thanking all those that helped build it. Countless staff have stood at this podium, advocating for our mission, and telling the stories of our homeowners. And lastly, countless homeowners have stood at this podium, surrounded by family and friends, proud of what they just accomplished, grateful to all who supported them and so excited for a safe and decent place to call home.”

Our development and events coordinator, Crosby Canotas, has probably had the most recent interactions with our beloved podium.

“Even though I’ve probably cursed that thing at some point during every dedication over the past three years, the fact is it has been the polestar for so much joy and pride and all the other good feelings. It will live on in our hearts (and our lower backs) as a reminder of what we at Habitat set out to do every day.”

Thank you, Habitat podium. You have blessed us with countless special moments, memories and stability over the years.