Meet Partner Family Tesfaye and Kasech

Tesfaye and Kasech are the proud parents of their five year old son who seems to grow faster every day. They work hard to provide for his future, and know that owning a safe and stable home will make a big difference.

Tesfaye and Kasech feel stuck in their apartment due to skyrocketing Denver rents that make moving seem impossible.  Between the cigarette smoke and loud neighbors, as well as recurring pest problems in their apartment, they worry about the health and safety of their son

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Tesfaye and Kasech will be able to build their family’s future. With an affordable mortgage that will help them create financial stability, and a safe place to call home – they know they’ll be providing a healthy place for their son to grow up.

“We’re most excited about how our new home will be ours and help us save money,” shares Tesfaye. “We’re happy it’s in a new area that will be safe for our son,” adds Kasech.