Meet Partner Family Miranda and her Kids

Miranda knows that determination and hard work are two keys to success. Her grandfather, who worked as a general contractor for many years, taught her the value of self-discipline, as well as the importance of a stable home. Thus, because her family instilled these values in her, Miranda has developed a personal determination to do whatever it takes to secure a safe and stable life for herself and her family.

Miranda is currently sharing a one-bedroom apartment with her two sons and her daughter.  In addition to the challenges presented by their tight quarters, the family’s apartment is falling apart in a number of other ways. The refrigerator works erratically. The sinks in the kitchen and bath often back up. The apartment heating is ineffective requiring expensive supplemental heating. Sewer odors are pervasive and the circuit breakers pop at irregular intervals. Plus, neighborhood teens have tried to break in.

Miranda has had a steady job as a financial coordinator in a dentist office for more than three years. Her four-day work schedule will give her the flexibility to complete the required hours of sweat equity with Habitat for Humanity.

Determination, hard work, and a helping hand from Habitat are making dreams a reality for this hard-working mom and her kids.

Miranda is thrilled to be partnering with Habitat and knows that her family’s new home is going to make a big difference in their lives. To help build Miranda’s home, click here to sign up. Or, help us purchase building materials by making a donation here.