Meet Partner Family Kaleb & Barbra

“We never thought we could become homeowners.” 

Kaleb and Barbra are overjoyed to partner with Habitat for Humanity to purchase and build their new home for their family of four. 

Kaleb and Barbra work hard to support their 5-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. Kaleb is an HVAC technician with Colorado Mechanical Systems and Barbra is a housekeeper and caregiver for elderly patients with dementia. 

As Denver natives, Kaleb and Barbra have experienced the city’s growth and rising housing costs firsthand. They’re currently renting a cramped two-bedroom apartment that lacks space for their growing family. 

Kaleb and Barbra have been working hard to save money for a down payment on a home, but with rents rising each year, their hope has dwindled. “We kept getting so close to closing on a home and would get extremely disappointed because we would find out that we just missed the criteria to buy.” Kaleb continues, “The kids would get so excited and even pick out their rooms. It was heartbreaking having to tell them later that we didn’t get the house, it got to the point where we just stopped bringing the kids, then we had to give up on our dream of owning a home entirely.”  

“Without this program we could never afford to purchase a home here.” 

Kaleb and Barbra couldn’t be happier to work with Habitat for Humanity. “Joining the Sheridan Square community is special to us because our new home is only a few blocks from where Kaleb and I grew up. Giving our children the opportunity to grow up in this community too is so meaningful to us.” Barbra continues, “I cannot wait to be able to plant flowers, help my little girl decorate her room, and have my son be able to have his own space to focus on school.” Their new home is near their children’s schools and within only a few miles from both Kaleb and Barbra’s work. 

Kaleb and Barbra are thankful to all donors, sponsors, and the entire Habitat family. They cannot wait to put in their sweat equity to build a foundation for their family’s future.