Meet Partner Family Haroon & Farhat

Haroon and his wife Farhat love living in Denver and have called this city home since 2015. They are both originally from Afghanistan and moved to Denver because they knew it would be a great place to raise their family. Haroon and Farhat strive to build a better life here for their young daughter and their soon-to-be second daughter who is expected to be born this spring.

To support his family, Haroon works full-time as a service operator for RTD. After saving up some money, Haroon and Farhat found an apartment they could afford, but it is in an extremely unsafe neighborhood with rising rental costs and lack of space.

Haroon and Farhat learned about Habitat for Humanity and couldn’t be more excited to build stability and security for their family through homeownership. Haroon shares, “We live in a bad neighborhood and bad community, Habitat’s program is the only one that can help us build and purchase our own home to raise our children to have a better future.”

The family is purchasing their new 3-bedroom home in our Sheridan Square community, where their children will have their own rooms and grow up close to their future schools.

“Since we started having children we have always dreamed of having a backyard for them to play in.” Farhat continues, “It’s going to be a big change in our lives to move in to our own home. We are looking forward to new opportunities and making new goals for our family’s future.”