Meet New Partner Family Magbe

As a single mother working two jobs and caring for her son, Magbe has tried to be patient with her family’s living circumstances, while working as hard as possible to change them. Magbe has shown unrelenting determination in her quest of homeownership – including applying to become a Habitat homeowner several times in the past.  With the support of financial coaching, Magbe’s finances are now in a place where she qualifies to become a Habitat homeowner. Thanks to her perseverance, Magbe is receiving the chance to change her family’s life as she looks forward to owning her own Habitat home.

In her current apartment rental, Magbe and her son feel neither safe nor comfortable. They have noisy neighbors who constantly smoke. Making the situation even worse is the building’s poor ventilation which allows secondhand smoke to regularly enter their apartment.  This causes severe problems for Magbe’s son, who suffers from asthma. In addition to health concerns in the apartment, the inescapable presence of crime is prevalent in their neighborhood, instilling fear in both Magbe and her son.

Magbe has lived in the Denver area for 22 years, and is proud to call Denver home. She is committed to be a successful homeowner by attending financial coaching. Magbe can’t wait to start hammering nails and painting walls alongside volunteers to construct what will soon be her family’s home.

Magbe looks forward to being a homeowner, believing that her life will improve and others will hold more respect for her and her family. She is confident this home will provide her son with stability and serve as a haven to him, to be somewhere he feels he belongs. For herself, Magbe is excited to engage as an active citizen in her neighborhood and build lasting friendships with others in the area.

We are so excited to partner with Magbe and help her build a new life for her family!

 To help support the construction of Magbe’s home, click here to volunteer or here to make a financial contribution.