Meet New Partner Family Andrew and Cing

Andrew and Cing are the devoted parents of a twelve-year-old daughter and two young sons, who are eight and four-and-a-half. They work hard to provide for their children and have recently been saving as much as possible for their future home. Andrew works more than full-time as a pastor, navigator, and translator. Cing also works hard to provide for their family by working full-time at a child care facility. They heard about Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program through the Presbyterian Ministries, and they were instantly motivated to do whatever it takes to become Habitat homeowners.

Even with full time jobs and a two-income household, Andrew and Cing can only afford to live in a very cramped two-bedroom apartment. As a young family of five, their apartment does not have sufficient living space, much less the ability to have friends and relatives over to visit. With only two bedrooms to share, all three children are currently in one room – meaning two growing boys share the same space as an almost-teenage daughter. The family’s personal belongings are spilling out into the main living areas. It’s to the point that even the kitchen and living rooms are too cramped for their family to congregate in – even to sit down for a meal together.

Andrew and Cing are thrilled to be partnering with Habitat as their three-bedroom home will have enough bedrooms and living space for their energetic children to play and grow. Owning a home has been a dream of theirs for many years and they have been saving and planning so that they can build their family a better future.

Their excitement is felt throughout the entire family, “The kids have been jumping up and down since we found out,” says Andrew.

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