Meet Habitat Partner Regina!

“I can’t wait to own my first home and build a foundation for my children’s future.”

Regina is a mother of two and wants them both to grow up in a healthy and stable home. Regina works full time as a Laboratory Professer at Denver Health while raising her children as a single parent.

Currently, Regina and her two children share a unit with extended family to keep rent affordable. Between rent increases over the years and living in overcrowded spaces to make ends meet, Regina and her family do not have the safety and stability to thrive.

By partnering with Habitat Metro Denver, Regina will be able to purchase and build a stable, healthy and affordable home for her family. While working her full-time job and raising her children, Regina will invest 200 hours of sweat equity to build her Habitat home. Purchasing her home with Habitat’s affordable mortgage will help Regina gain financial stability as well.

“This will be a huge change for my family.” Regina continues, “My children will have their own rooms for the first time and we will be closer to their school.”

Regina is excited to become a new homeowner and create memories with her family. “I’m excited to be able to cook in my own kitchen and teach my children how to take care of our home by doing chores and yard work together.” Regina continues, “I am looking forward to having my first thanksgiving celebration with my entire family at our home this year.”

Thank you to all supporters of Habitat Metro Denver who make building stable and affordable homes for families like Regina’s possible.

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