Meet Habitat Homeowners Araceli & Ernesto

“To own our home has been a family goal and now we are closing on something that is all ours.”

Araceli and Ernesto are celebrating the closing of their Habitat Metro Denver home this week. They are excited to raise their three children in a safe home that is in the community they love. Araceli and Ernesto work hard to provide for their daughters who are 12 and 3-years old, and their 10-year old son. Araceli works for a commercial cleaning service while Ernesto supports the family as a foreman for a local tree trimming company.

Araceli and Ernesto have lived in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood for 11 years now, but the home they previously rented was unsafe. Pests constantly invaded the home and their heat did not work or when it did the windows were not sealed properly, allowing heat to escape immediately. “We asked the landlord to replace windows or to come and help us seal our home away from pests, but we never would recieve a response, or the landlord didn’t see it as an issue,” shares Araceli.

Through hard work, savings and 200 hours of sweat equity, Araceli and Ernesto have purchased and are moving into their 4-bedroom home in Habitat Metro Denver’s Swansea Homes community.

This is a very exciting time for their family. Araceli and Ernesto’s oldest daughter has been accepted into the Denver School of the Arts for her talents as a violinist and their son loves to be outside playing basketball. By becoming homeowners through Habitat Metro Denver, they are now able to have the financial stability to support their children’s talents and education as well as their futures.

“After all our hard work this is so amazing to finally have the keys to our new home!​ Our home is where we will be able to share memories forever.” Ernesto continues, “This is a new experience for us and it’s amazing to say we are homeowners.”

As Araceli and Ernesto move into their Habitat home, we would like to say thank you to everyone who makes Habitat’s homeownership program possible.

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