Meet Future Homeowners Sirima and Aissata

For a family of seven, home is a place to grow – while still staying close to one another.

Sirima and Aissata are used to a familiar, consistent buzz of activity in their house. With five kids under the age of 10, the laughter and chatter forms a cheerful soundtrack.

The couple is originally from Guinea and found their way separately to the US – Sirima in 1997 to pursue a job, and then Aissata after that, to join her husband. Their five kids were born as the couple took jobs and settled together in the US – first in Philadelphia and Atlanta, and then Denver, which they have now called home for seven years. Sirima is a truck driver and Aissata works for a hair salon.

The family has a small but close-knit community of friends, including many other families from their home country. “If someone is sick, or has a baby, we visit each other and bring food,” Aissata said. And their family is excited to find more of that supportive community when they move into their new home at Aria Homes, Habitat Denver’s 28-home development in the northwest part of the city.

When asked what they are looking forward to about their new home, space comes immediately to mind for Sirima and Aissata. Their current rental has felt increasingly small as their children have grown. The family has also felt limited in their ability to host friends, and “give their kids the space they need to learn, play and live,” Sirima says.

Sirima and Aissata have taken turns watching their kids as they complete their sweat equity work with Habitat. Their hard work and sacrifice have been rewarded with a growing sense of accomplishment and community.

“Habitat is full of good people,” Sirima says. “On the job site, at the ReStore – everybody. When we needed help with language translation, they were there. When we had questions, they were there. We are so happy and grateful to be able to finally move into a home that’s all our own. And we are so grateful for Habitat’s support for our family.”