Meet Future Homeowners: Mi and Guai

Mi and her three children are looking forward to having more living space that’s safe and stable.  The family of four is currently cramped in a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment which has a long list of problems.

Mi and her son, Guai , both put in long hours at their full time jobs, and are prioritizing sweat equity to help build their future home during every available day off.  Mi and Guai are doing everything they can to build their family a safer, more stable home to live in.  Their current rental is not only too small, but it has faulty electrical wiring that requires them to have to reset the breaker anytime multiple appliances run consecutively.  There’s visible water damage under sinks, broken burners on the stovetop, and a recurring appearance of cockroaches. Mi and Guai have been seeking every available opportunity to change their living situation, and finally found a solution when they partnered with Habitat this year.

With their home under construction, Mi and Guai are dreaming about how much more comfortable they’ll all be with their own bedrooms and adequate living space for their family.  With high-quality, new construction, they will no longer have to worry about faulty appliances or the instability of rising housing costs in Denver.