Meet Future Homeowners Ahmad and Lisa

The dream of a safe and permanent home is something Ahmad and Lisa have worked hard to achieve for their two young boys, ages six and one, since leaving their native home in Afghanistan. Ahmad works as an intern at a local architecture firm to provide for his family while Lisa takes care of their boys.

In order to make ends meet in Denver’s tight rental market, the family currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment riddled with pest and maintenance issues. Ahmad and Lisa worry for the health and development of their young boys in their current living situation.

Ahmad and Lisa are eager to partner with Habitat to find strength in a stable home. Moving “home” for them means stability, and paying into an affordable mortgage allows them to plan their future. Ahmad and Lisa’s boys are so excited, especially their 6-year-old, to have their own rooms and space to grow and play.

The House that Beer Built will raise walls on Ahmad and Lisa’s home!
21 Denver-area craft breweries are bringing the collaborative spirit of the craft brewery community together to craft a home and hope with Habitat Denver. The breweries are banding together to invest volunteer and financial support to help Ahmad and Lisa build strength, stability, and self reliance for their family through affordable home ownership.

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