Meet Future Homeowner Rebecca

Rebecca and her 25-year old daughter Allie are a tight-knit team. Rebecca works to provide a safe and stable environment for herself and Allie, who has developmental needs.  In order to allow Allie to focus on her studies at the Community College of Denver, Rebecca knows that providing stability at home will be the key to success.  To make ends meet and create stability for her family, Rebecca currently works at Sprouts in the bakery department.

The biggest challenge for Rebecca has been finding both stability and affordability in Denver’s housing market. As rents keep rising, it makes it harder to stay in one place for an extended period of time. Every move is a disruption to their two-woman team that affects Allie’s learning and Rebecca’s ability to have consistency at work. This means rent takes up a larger portion of their income and makes planning for each of their futures more and more difficult.

Rebecca is very excited to partner with Habitat and purchase a two-bedroom townhome in Sheridan Square. Their affordable mortgage takes away the uncertainty of rent hikes or moving and disrupting their lives.

“We will have a more stable life and won’t be spending so much on rent.” 

In addition to stability of location and finances, Rebecca and Allie are excited to take ownership of their new home. “We are excited to own our own home. We will be able to hang pictures on the walls and plant flowers!”

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