Meet future homeowner: Nikki

Nikki and her children are excited for the many benefits owning a home will bring, with the number one benefit being stability. After living through the pandemic and lots of transitions in recent years, Nikki and her two kids—ages 12 and 8—are excited to plant roots and stay in one place for a long time.

“Having the stability of owning a Habitat home will allow us to get settled as a family,” Nikki shares.

Nikki is a Colorado native who has always strived to become a homeowner. She has lived in Denver for the past 13 years and works full time as an elementary school teacher. She began looking into options for purchasing a home in recent years, but was discouraged by the high costs and low inventory.

“I had hoped home prices would level out or decrease due to the pandemic,” Nikki shares. “However, prices continued to increase not only for rentals but also for buying.”

Nikki was further discouraged when she realized she couldn’t afford a large enough home for her family of three on the open market.

“I don’t make enough as a teacher to qualify for anything other than a one-bedroom.”

Nikki has been hard at work volunteering to help build her future home on her days off. She’s excited to be able to purchase a new Habitat home where each of her children will have their own bedroom, as well as more personal space for everyone in the family.

“This is the right time and the right opportunity for us,” Nikki shares. “We’re excited to have more stability, and be able to move onto the next chapter in our lives.”

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