Meet Future Habitat Homeowners: Raphael and Yvonne

“We are looking for a sense of permanence,” express Raphael and Yvonne.

Raphael, Yvonne, and their six daughters are looking forward to having stability once they move into their Habitat home. To provide for their family, Raphael works as a baggage handler at the Denver International Airport and Yvonne works for Wal-Mart.

Raphael and Yvonne have moved three times in the past three years in search of lower housing costs. As rents in Denver continue to rise, moving from one apartment to another was one way Raphael and Yvonne tried to keep housing costs down, though their current rent is still more than they can afford.

Raphael, Yvonne and their six daughters currently live in a three-bedroom apartment, which does not provide adequate space. The instability of moving also keeps their children from attending the same school, making it hard for their kids to keep friends and maintain consistency in coursework.

Their future Habitat home will have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which will give all eight of them room to live and grow. “We’re excited to have a backyard, new neighborhood, and more space,” says Yvonne.

Even more importantly, their new home offers stability for their children.

“We are excited for our children, because they will not have to change schools again until they go to college,” explains Raphael.

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