Meet Core Construction Volunteer Tom Muldoon

“I’m a Core Construction Volunteer because I believe I can make an impact at Habitat, more than at other volunteer opportunities,” says Tom Muldoon, Core Construction Volunteer. “I believe that I have certain skills that allow me to contribute to Habitat.”

Tom loves working with the Habitat construction crews and finds it extremely gratifying to work with his hands. He’s helped build two houses already and committed to regularly volunteering as a Core Volunteer.

Fitting volunteering into his week in addition to a full-time job at Ernst & Young, Tom comes out to build with Habitat three Saturdays a month. He rotates between helping out on new construction, home repair, and at the production shop.

Tom keeps coming back to build with us because of the people he gets to work with and the skills he gains with each experience. Whether it’s building alongside a partner family, staff member, or another volunteer, working toward a shared cause means a lot to Tom.

Tom feels like he gets more out of volunteering with Habitat than he contributes.

“Everyone knows it’s a good cause,” he says about Habitat. “They just don’t know how good it could be for them until they do it.”