Meet Cora, Our 100th Aging in Place Partner!

The Colorado Visiting Nurse Association partnered to launched a unique program called CAPABLE (Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders). Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve officially served 100 seniors across Denver through this collaborative program providing medical consultations and home modifications.

Our 100th CAPABLE partner is 80-year old Cora, who has lived in Denver for the past forty years. Cora raised her children and still lives in the same home that she purchased when she first moved to Denver.

“Denver is my home and I love that I have my family here and a community that appreciates me.”

Cora enjoys being active in the community but had recently suffered from a hip injury that resulted in surgery. Cora’s two-story home made mobility difficult during her recovery. Habitat Metro Denver and CVNA were able to assist Cora by repairing her stair railing, adding an additional rail, installing grab bars at her steps and doorways, as well as repairing her doorbell and installing motion activated lights in her hallways.

“I love my home and now because of CAPABLE I feel safe living on my own and comfortable knowing I have the additional support I need.”

Cora has now made a full recovery and hasn’t slowed down. “I enjoy walking around the neighborhood and spending more time with my family and can now do it in confidence,” shares Cora. “I think many seniors can benefit from this program. Also, the Habitat staff was very friendly and speedy with the repairs.”

CAPABLE demonstrates that modest investments in home modifications can help seniors remain in their homes longer, improve health outcomes, and decrease medical costs. The program includes ten 60- to 90-minute home visits with an occupational therapist, a registered nurse, and Habitat Metro Denver staff who all come together to evaluate the needs of the individual and identify how to improve their lives. Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, donors and sponsors that make these life changing aging-in-place programs possible for seniors like Cora.