Meet Candace

We are thrilled to partner with Candace, who is working hard to complete her sweat equity so that she can purchase her Habitat home and put down roots in Colorado.  Candace isn’t sure she’s even going to know what “home” should feel like.  Originally from Colorado, Candace moved around a lot as a kid – estimating that she and her parents moved more than 30 times before her 18th birthday.  She lived in San Francisco for many years, but found herself moving back to Denver after being priced out of the San Francisco market.  “Now I see Denver’s market behaving like San Francisco. My Habitat home will serve as an anchor for me in my hometown so I can thrive here.” 

Candace is purchasing one of the first condos Habitat is rehabbing in metro Denver.  This condominium will provide a long-term, affordable place for Candace to finally find stability in housing.  She’s looking forward to her home being “a base for my creative endeavors”, and is already making plans to build a vertical garden on her balcony. 

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