Meet Biratu and Anane

Biratu and Anane have three young sons and the family current lives in a one-bedroom apartment.  Living in such a small space and sharing a single bedroom has become unbearable for their growing family of five.  Biratu works hard as a taxi driver to provide for his family and is determined to make a change and improve their living situation.  Their current apartment is not a safe and healthy situation for their family.  They deal with pests on a regular basis and even have to pay $150 every time the apartment complex sprays to get rid of the bugs. Biratu and Anane are in fear of their family’s health and well-being.  The poor condition of the floors throughout the house is also concerning for their family. They can’t wait to become homeowners so they can have a safe, clean home that they can maintain on their own terms. “I just need my own home” shares Biratu.

In addition to the frustration of bug bites and decaying floors, Biratu and his family are constantly on high alert from the increasing amount of crime and drug use taking place right outside their front door. Despite the cramped living space, Biratu and Anane have limited options for safe outdoor areas for their young kids to play. This is no place to raise a family that has so much potential to thrive. 

Biratu, Anane and their family cannot wait to start working toward their goal of homeownership and move into a safe and stable home.  They are looking forward to having more space for their three sons and greatly value the opportunity to not only help build their own home, but also to learn from the Home Buyer Education classes Habitat’s program has to offer.