Meet Abdulhakim and Fardowsa

Abdulhakim and Fardowsa work hard to make ends meet for their family of eight. Abdulhakim currently works as a taxi driver as well as an independent contractor to earn enough money to take care of his family, while Fardowsa invests her time taking care of their four daughters and two sons, ranging in ages from 1 to 14 years old. Despite their best efforts, Abdulhakim and Fardowsa struggle to find housing that’s affordable and adequate for their family.

For the past five years Abdulhakim and Fardowsa have lived in a 4-bedroom home that’s falling apart at the seams.  They pay extremely high utility bills due to inefficient heat and non-functioning appliances.  Even worse, they’ve endured extensive water leaks that have caused the drywall to weaken and have to be removed in a couple of areas.  The water leaks have also created unhealthy air quality in the basement level, where two of their four bedrooms are located.  Two of their children suffer from asthma and can’t go in this part of the home, leaving the family feeling separated and forced to sleep two floors apart from each other.

The family also has concerns about the safety of their home and the surrounding area.  The basement windows don’t lock, and they back up to a liquor store where they’ve witnessed unsavory patrons that they don’t want to expose their children to.

Abdulhakim and Fardowsa are already dreaming about the day they can move into their new Habitat home and know that “everything will be different, because for once we will have a place to call home.” They’re looking forward to having a home where all of the bedrooms are located on the same level and they can be within close proximity together as a family again.  They are also excited to have working appliances and stable utility bills, and especially grateful to soon have healthy indoor air to help prevent future asthma attacks. Fardowsa shares, “We are looking forward to growing and building many memories to come.”

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