Meet A Partner Family of Seven!

The guiding rule for Coreena, Logan, and their family of five children, must be: If at first you don’t succeed try, try – and try – again.

Coreena and Logan had applied twice in recent years to be selected for a new home as a Habitat family, but weren’t selected. But they didn’t give up. They took classes, volunteered, and worked hard to keep their finances in good shape. On their third attempt, they were selected. “It has made everything we’ve gone through worth it,” said Coreena.

Coreena works for Terumo BCT, a leading blood component and cellular technology firm. Logan is employed by Home Depot as a painter and on construction projects. Both are Colorado natives with supportive family in the immediate area.

The family of seven are packed into their present home of 600 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom. The hallway is so narrow they practically have to navigate it single file. And with one bathroom, it almost requires taking a number – not too exciting for the three eldest girls. Currently, their cramped home has black mold inside the walls and a water leak in the one bathroom.

When they got the call they had been selected as future Habitat homeowners, it was a dream come true. And it was a dream they were willing to continue to work hard toward as Habitat partners. “We’re so thankful. There’s no amount of thanks we can give Habitat for Humanity, and there’s nothing we won’t do for them in the future,” Coreena said.

They attended the Building Skills 101 class and Logan loved it. Their sweat equity plans include working at construction sites. Logan intends to volunteer his construction knowledge and expertise to others selected as Habitat partners.

As Coreena observed, “This one, ‘yes,’ reversed what had felt like so many ‘no’s’ in our lives. It’s a brand new start.” The feeling of certainty echoed through the other members of their family as well.