Meet a Partner Family

David and Aker are thrilled to be moving into their new Habitat home this summer. They are especially excited for their young daughter to have a safe home with enough space to learn and grow.

Over the years, it has not been easy for David, Aker, and their daughter to find adequate housing for their young family.  David and Aker initially lived with family out of necessity before moving into a small two bedroom apartment. Because of an accident, David uses a wheelchair and finds it a challenge to get around in their current apartment; the hallways and the bathroom are narrow for his wheelchair. There also is not enough room for their young daughter to move around and play.

David and Aker’s current apartment is also in disrepair.  Some windows and doors are broken which makes it difficult to heat during the winters. They have also seen cockroaches which worries them with their young daughter playing on the floor. Apart from the apartment’s dysfunctions, it is difficult for the family to keep up with rent and bills because every month the rent increases and, in return, they have less expendable income for other bills and groceries.

David and Aker would rather invest in a home instead of continuing to pay rent for an apartment. Their biggest worry was for their new home to not be accessible, but Habitat is working towards adding as many amenities as possible to make their new home comfortable for the entire family. Their lives will be greatly improved once they have the ability to invest in a home for their family and their young daughter will finally be able to grow in a safe and spacious home.