Meet a New Partner Family

Jennifer moved to Denver from Kansas four years ago to provide a better life for herself and her two young sons. She wanted to be closer to family in Denver, and knew that she would need the support from extended family to make ends meet. As a single mother of two rambunctious boys, she is determined to do whatever it takes to give them a secure and happy life. Jennifer and her family are thrilled to be partnering with Habitat this year; their new home will give them the sense of community and safety that they’ve always longed for.

Jennifer’s current living situation is unsustainable for her family.  She found an apartment where she feels safe, but is currently spending a large percentage of her income on rent and utilities. With rent going up again this fall, Jennifer and her family will be forced to find a new place to live. “Since we moved here, our rent has gone up 10% every single year. Today my monthly rent check is literally 75% of my monthly paycheck.” shared Jennifer. “I have spent many sleepless nights worrying about our future.”

Jennifer and her sons had so much fun visiting the site of their future Habitat home and dreaming about what the future will hold. The boys are most looking forward to becoming life-long friends with their neighbors. In fact, when her sons saw other children playing basketball, they immediately jumped in the game and touted that they were going to be moving into a new home next door. Jennifer looks forward to the nights when she can rest peacefully without worrying about how to pay for rent, daycare, food, and medical expense for her family.  Their Habitat home will be in the same school district that they are in now, which will make the transition easier for the whole family. Jennifer always dreamed of owning her own home and raising her children in a safe environment and she is so proud that her dreams are becoming a reality through her partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

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