Meet a New Partner Family: Omar and Judith

Omar and Judith can’t wait to build a healthy, stable and safe home for their young family.  Omar works full time as a carpenter with a construction firm and is excited to already have a lot of experience that will help as he helps build his future Habitat home.  Judith spends her time and energy raising their 10-year old son and 2-year old daughter.

Judith and Omar currently worry about their children’s health in their apartment. Smoke from their neighbors’ apartments leak through the walls and Judith suspects that this was the reason her 2-year old daughter has had to be treated for breathing difficulties. In addition to the health risks, the apartment’s heat does not work very well, there are plumbing problems that contribute to mold growth, and there are persistent insect and rodent infestations.

Omar and Judith cannot wait to own a home that will be safer for their family. As the cherry on-top, Omar and Judith’s new Habitat home is located in a neighborhood really close to their extended family, so they will have more familial support as they grow in their new home.

Excited to partner with Habitat, they have been preparing for their home even before submitting their application. They knew that they had to improve their financial stability in order to become Habitat homeowners, so they’re doing everything they can to save for their future.  They have repeatedly looked for a healthier apartment for their family to live, but rapidly rising housing costs mean that nicer apartments are simply too expensive for them.

Their planning and willingness to pay down current debts and save in order to partner with Habitat has been a testament to their commitment to their family’s future. In their own words, “Not everyone gets this opportunity, so we want to be a good example.”

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