Meet a New Partner Family: Heather and her Kids

Heather is on the road to having a secure and peaceful home for herself and her 3 children (twin 10-year old boys, and a 12-year old daughter).  With such a busy household, Heather does her best to support her kids by working a full-time job in the city’s finance department, while also managing all of the logistics required for three school-aged kids at home.  Despite working hard at a job she loves, Heather finds it difficult to make ends meet and find housing that’s safe and affordable for her young family.  

As a single mother, Heather relies on her income as well as child support payments from her ex-husband, which have been inconsistent over the years. She’s trying to create a stable life for her kids, but is currently struggling to find adequate housing and is renting an apartment with a long list of problems.  The inside of their apartment has mold and mildew, faulty appliances, pests, soggy and uneven walls and poor insulation.  Outside their apartment the young family deals with violence within the complex and high crime rates in the neighborhood. Heather can’t wait to maintain her new Habitat home and take the HomeBuyer Education courses offered by Habitat to gain a better understanding of all the elements that go into owning a house.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Heather’s housing costs will never exceed 30% of her income, which gives her the power to overcome her financial inconsistency and be self-reliant. Owning a home was previously not a viable option for Heather, but she is now looking forward to homeownership that includes a safe and healthy environment for her family.