Marcos & Emiliano

Snakes, bugs, and spiders… these are the things that fascinate Marcos and Emiliano. On any given day, the brothers will spend hours searching their yard in the hopes of finding something new and cool. “We once found a praying mantis,” Emiliano excitedly shares.

Marcos and Emiliano’s long-time fascination with bugs and animals has translated into a keen interest in biology and science. In fact, both boys are eagerly awaiting the start of the new school year so that they can continue to learn new things.

School wasn’t always this exciting for Marcos and Emiliano. Before their parents partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a decent and affordable home for their family, they attended a school that wasn’t challenging them. Since moving into their Habitat home, new educational opportunities have opened up for them. Their Habitat home is located in a great area, with schools that offer advanced learning programs.

“We like our school a lot better because it has a gifted and talented program, which allows us to learn a grade ahead,” shares Emiliano.

Marcos has also taken advantage of these educational opportunities and has big goals as he enters high school this year. With a curriculum full of AP and honors courses, Marcos has his sights set on an accelerated program that will allow him to earn an associate’s degree while still in high school. In addition to challenging coursework, Marcos and Emiliano have enough space in their Habitat home to study and do homework. “There’s a lot of room here,” shares Emiliano. “Where we used to live there just wasn’t much room.”

Did you know?

2/3 of Habitat homeowners say that their children are doing better in school since they moved into their Habitat home.