Leonardo Can’t Wait to Move into his New Home

Leonardo is a hardworking student who has been investing hundreds of hours this summer to build his new home where he’ll live with his parents and three sisters.  This family of six is ready for change after enduring years of living in a cramped apartment.

The family dreads each winter as the cold and snow brings additional maintenance and costs in repairing their home.  The pipes frequently break as the weather turns colder, causing excessive flooding and severe damage to the floors.  The thermostat is broken leaving the family unprepared for the cold winter months.  The family also deals with cramped and narrow hallways that do not accommodate for wheelchair access—which is a necessity for Leonardo’s 13-year old sister.  Leonardo dreams of a home that has wide doorways and hallways so that his sister can easily navigate around her own home.

Leonardo and his family also worry about their ongoing safety in their dangerous and disruptive neighborhood.  There is constant fighting right outside their apartment door and there are frequently police cars surrounding the area.  There are also a lot of smokers in the area, creating a toxic environment surrounding their home.

Leonardo and his family can’t wait for their Habitat home to be complete.  They are looking forward to having a home that caters to their family’s needs – including spacious hallways and doorways, a ramp for wheelchair access and a bathroom with railings and handles to create more independence for Leonardo’s 13-year old sister.

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