Kimberly’s Habitat Story

“I never thought I could ever become a homeowner, but Habitat helped me make my dream come true.”

Strength is the most accurate word to describe Kimberly. She served in the Coast Guard before returning to care for her two young children. After returning home to Denver, Kimberly was able to find a job in telecommunications. But, being a single parent she struggled with increasing rental rates that made financial stability almost impossible.

Kimberly and her children – daughter Mariah and son Jaiden, used to live in subsidized housing where they endured endless plumbing issues, bugs and pests infiltrating the apartment, and safety concerns in their neighborhood. By 2007, Kimberly knew she needed to make a change for herself and her children’s future.

She partnered with Habitat Metro Denver to build and purchase her family’s home, and they can’t imagine what life would be like without it. In December of 2008, Kimberly and her children moved into their forever home. “I remember being filled with joy when we moved in and just thinking, wow this is actually our home” shares Kimberly.

Kimberly recalls some of her favorite memories since becoming a homeowner. “I love the grassy area next to my home. In the winters, when my kids were little we would always go and sled or play in the snow.” Kimberly continues, “I am so grateful that my children have been able to grow up in the same neighborhood with the same friends instead of having to always move and start over.”

In her 11 years of homeownership, Kimberly has been able to go back to school and gain financial stability for her family. Her daughter Mariah has graduated high school and works as a vet tech in the Denver community. Jaiden is currently in high school and is excited to start driving soon.

“Thank you to everyone that makes Habitat’s homeownership program possible,” Kimberly continues, “This program is very special to me and my family’s hearts, we are very grateful every day for the community it has given us.”