Jose and Regina Celebrate the 100th Home Repair

Habitat for Humanity is proud to partner with the residents of Globeville, and Elyria-Swansea to build and improve affordable homes.  We’ve been working within these communities on home repairs since 2012, and are excited to celebrate our 100th home repair milestone with Jose and Regina!

Jose and Regina Celebrate with Habitat

Jose and Regina are proud to call the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood home.  In fact, Regina was born and raised in this neighborhood and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Jose and Regina purchased their current home almost 9 years ago, and have enjoyed the large yard, quiet street, and long driveway where their six kids could ride their bikes and play.

“We have lots of good memories here,” shares Regina. “We’ve seen our kids grow up in this house.”  Regina can even laugh at some of the not-so-great memories in the home, like when her oldest son almost drove through the garage after he got his drivers’ license.

Jose and Regina’s pride in their home is evident.  Each year they look forward to tax refunds so that they can invest in a new home improvement.  Over the years they’ve been able to paint, re-tile the kitchen and bathroom, and remove some dead trees.  However, they’ve struggled to keep up with the maintenance required by their 63-year old home.

At the top of Jose and Regina’s home improvement wishlist is replacing the cracked and peeling siding on the outside of their home.  After many years of wear and tear – including wayward baseballs hitting the siding while their twin boys played catch in the yard – they’re so excited to be partnering with Habitat to replace the siding and put a fresh coat of paint on their home this spring.  Habitat will also be helping replace some exterior doors and windows, and fix their fence and front porch awning.

Jose and Regina are so grateful to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity, and are relieved to be able to do these important home repairs affordably.  With their twin boys, Juan and Jesus, both graduating from high school this June, Jose and Regina are using any extra savings they can to invest in their kids’ college education.