Join Habitat Metro Denver’s Stay Home, Build a Home Challenge

While our volunteer opportunities are on hold for the safety of our extended Habitat family, the need for safe, decent and affordable homes is as urgent as ever. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us in our Stay Home, Build a Home Challenge!
Using materials you already have around home—be they Legos, Lincoln Logs, cardboard boxes or Popsicle sticks—build your own miniature house, and use your plans to raise funds for real Habitat homes. Creativity and fun will be your most important tools, and the amount of materials you use is limited only by your imagination. Want to build a fort in your living room? Care to craft a teepee with twigs? Feeling audacious enough to construct a treehouse? Just grab your Go-Pro or cellphone camera and share your process for bringing your architectural masterpiece to life.

Here’s how to participate: