“I find myself volunteering 6 days a week,” Ziggy, Volunteer

David “Ziggy” Ziegler, is one of the most dedicated volunteers at Habitat Metro Denver. He began volunteering with Habitat Metro Denver back in 1999 with the Holy Hammers. “I enjoyed it so much that I started to volunteer every Saturday for many years,” said Ziggy. That was just the beginning.

Once he retired from Boeing in 2014 he started volunteering 4 days per week, coming out to the sites every Wednesday through Saturday. In addition to being a construction volunteer, Ziggy is also a part of Habitat’s all-volunteer electrical crew, and he set up the metals recycling processing at the Aurora ReStore. Now, he’s at either the construction site or ReStore most days – and often both!

“What a joy to see the progress each day. I now find myself volunteering 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday). Usually when we do electrical we are done by noon since we start early so I spend the rest of the day at the ReStore. I need a vacation!”

What does Ziggy find enjoyable about volunteering on the construction sites?

“I like doing construction because you have the opportunity to swing a hammer, pound those nails, and take out your frustrations of sitting behind a computer all day. The supervisors are so passionate about what they do and have the patience to help anyone. Habitat is like my family.”

At the ReStore, meeting partner families makes for a good time. Plus, it’s indoors!

“Volunteering at the ReStore is a joy in itself. You meet most of the partner families way before they start showing up on the construction sites. Volunteering at the ReStore is really great when the weather is really cold or really hot. Hot coffee and toasted bagels are always available.”

Ziggy takes his time and talent overseas on Habitat Global Village trips as well.

“I have been on several dozen Habitat Global Village trips. The construction has been mostly cement cinder block with lots of rebar all wire tied together for reinforcement. The teams are usually made up of people from all over the US and Canada that have similar ideals and the wish to give back. Probably the most interesting trips were my two trips to Zambia that included a 3-4 day safari and a visit to the beautiful Victoria Falls.”

For anyone considering regular volunteer work with Habitat Metro Denver, Ziggy can tell you what to expect:

“Volunteering with Habitat gives one a sense of completion. Anyone who wants to volunteer will find the staff dedicated and passionate. It is a great way to give back and help others while learning new skills.”

If you’re interested in becoming a regular volunteer, email Trisha Koizumi, Volunteer Program Manager,