“I don’t know that I’ve ever had a bad day at Habitat.”

Jim Hatfield’s volunteer experience at Habitat dates back almost 20 years. He first built on a house with what was then the South Suburban Board of Realtors in 1998. These days he routinely dons his blue hard hat at Sheridan Square as a Regular construction volunteer.

“Some days are cold and some are hot, but when it all averages out it’s still a good day.”

Jim keeps coming out to build with Habitat because he genuinely enjoys the construction work, as well as meeting new Habitat homeowners.

“I enjoy Habitat. I always learn something every time I come out. I enjoy meeting the homeowners, I’ve attended dedications and they’re very moving. I always learn something and meet a lot of great people.”

As a long-time volunteer, Jim has seen the positive changes Habitat homes have on homeowners.

“Every time we have an anniversary and the homeowners get up and talk about their children going to college for the first time, I know it’s worth it,” he says.

Do you think becoming a Regular volunteer might be a good fit for you? Here’s what Jim has to say:

“It’s just wonderful. You learn an awful lot. You get to work with a lot of great people. You’re helping people who want to help themselves.”

Who at Habitat has Jim learned an “awful lot” from?
Trevor, Habitat Senior Construction Supervisor