Homeowners Rachael + Samantha

A new home comes with new additions – more space, fresh paint, refreshed routines. And for this pair, a fresh start was right on time.

“We love how much light our home has!” shares homeowner Samantha, as another example. “We lived in a basement unit before, so the lightness of our new space has made such a difference.”

But more than the newness of their surroundings, Samantha and her partner Rachael also noticed a change in their perspective when they moved into their Habitat home. They are ready to invest in their neighborhood for the long-term. 

“We feel ownership of living here – this is our community!” said Rachael. “We have always liked the area, but now we can grow into it and really participate in it. Unlike our rentals, our house is not temporary. And that feels amazing.” 

Above: Samantha (Left) and Rachel purchased a Habitat home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, where they are excited to invest in the community.  The pair loves having indoor and outdoor space in their Habitat home.  

Samantha, a speech therapist, and Rachael, an occupational therapy assistant, have both lived in Colorado for more than 6 years. Throughout their time as renters, they shared spaces with roommates and lived in units that weren’t well maintained. Last summer, when they began looking for a place to move, “anything in our price range was gone immediately,” Rachael shared. “We started to consider moving back to Cleveland, where I’m from. But we love Colorado!” 

Being accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program came at the perfect time, Rachael said. And they were able to purchase a home in an ideal location, because “having a reasonable commute was important to us,” she said. One of their favorite additions in their new home is the second bedroom, where they can store art supplies, set up office space, and allow their animals to explore. Their cats have a window seat where they can watch the neighborhood go by.   

“And this neighborhood is one of the more diverse areas we’ve lived in, which we really like,” Samantha said, describing the Lincoln Park neighborhood, where their renovated Habitat home is located. “It’s super walkable and family-friendly.” 

The couple’s sense of pride in their community is exactly why Habitat’s affordable homeownership process was so impactful for Samantha and Rachael. They are excited to get to know their neighbors, attend community events, and patron local businesses. Their presence becomes a gift to their community as well.  

“We love our home – and it’s amazing to have financial stability,” Samantha said. “We know exactly how much our monthly payment is and that it will be affordable. Having a stable home allows us to dream in other areas of life.” 

“Habitat was so great to work with,” Rachael said. “We love that they do events like Pride Build and Women Build. It’s so important to highlight and celebrate these groups in the community that Habitat is serving. Homeownership should be for everyone, and we are so grateful for Habitat’s support in making it possible for us.”   

Having a stable home allows us to dream.