Homeowner Kevin

He started as a Habitat volunteer, and then found stability in his own Habitat home.

Kevin has always appreciated the Habitat for Humanity home in Aurora, where he’s lived since 2017. But with the affordable housing crisis in Denver, he is more grateful than ever.

“I am a Habitat homeowner and so appreciate that I am. When I closed on my home a few years ago, I did not have the foresight to see that housing in the Denver area would become so unaffordable. If it weren’t for Habitat, I might be homeless today,” shares Kevin.

Kevin had been a systems consultant in Texas when his mother had a stroke, and he moved to New Orleans to take care of her. After four years there, he and his mother moved to Denver, but she died a few months later due to cancer. Kevin shares that he was grieving, financially broken, and ill himself.

Above: Kevin purchased a renovated, two-bedroom condo in Aurora from Habitat Metro Denver in 2017. His home gave him stability during times of transition and illness. Today, his home is filled with mementos of his family and his many volunteer roles.

“I felt like I lost everything,” shares Kevin, who battled several illnesses and began living on his disability income after his mother passed away. “But my mother taught me to always help others, so I wanted to give back.”

Despite his challenges, Kevin volunteered with several organizations, including Habitat Metro Denver. He had learned about Habitat when he lived in Atlanta and admired former President Jimmy Carter’s efforts. As a Habitat volunteer in Denver, Kevin served on construction sites, worked in the ReStores, and supported potential Habitat homeowners.

At the same time, his rent in Denver was rising faster than his disability income, so he applied for a Habitat home himself. He qualified and purchased a renovated Home from Habitat, a two-bedroom condominium in Aurora, where he has lived for the last five years.

“I couldn’t have survived on my social security disability without Habitat,” shares Kevin. “I became very sick for a couple of years but had a home through it all. Now, I am well, healthy, strong, and in my own home. I am incredibly grateful.”

Kevin still volunteers, mentoring high school students and creating videos for church groups and minority-owned businesses. He makes a little money shopping for others and delivering food. When he sees homeless people on the street, he gives them money. Through his trials in life, he remains steadfast in his commitment to paying it forward. He is even generous with the squirrels and birds that frequent the feeders on the balcony of his third-floor condo.

“When I moved into my home, I cried, but I didn’t know how blessed I was,” shares Kevin. “Habitat has lived up to Jimmy Carter’s vision. Habitat has given a secure home to me and so many others.”

I became very sick for a couple of years but had a home through it all. Now, I am well, healthy, strong, and in my own home. I am incredibly grateful