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Habitat Metro Denver Supports Habitat Nicaragua’s Recovery & Rebuilding Efforts

Just months after two Category 4 hurricanes devastated Nicaragua, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver has pledged $60,000 to support recovery and rebuilding efforts by its sister organization, Habitat Nicaragua.

“In these last months I often cry. What is happening in my country torments me and my soul is distressed. I am weak, I admit it; but I know that God and the Holy Spirit encourages me to get up and to have hope.”

—Frank Matus-Aguirre, Director, Habitat Nicaragua

An estimated 60% of Nicaragua’s territory and half its population of 6 million were affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota, which made landfall just 13 days apart in November 2020. The hurricanes wreaked havoc on Nicaraguans already mired in political unrest and a deadly pandemic, forcing tens of thousands into evacuation and homelessness.

While rebuilding is an eventual focus of Habitat Nicaragua’s efforts, the organization is seeking financial support, with the goal of raising $800,000, to roll out a three-phased plan to address the area’s top priorities:

Provide hygiene kits and water filters.
An estimated 120,000 Nicaraguans are without water due to the hurricanes. Ensuring the population has safe, clean water is paramount, especially during a global pandemic.
Provide repair kits—including tools and materials purchased within the country to rebuild.
Reconstruct homes.
Build 300-square-foot transitional homes in partnership with the Nicaraguan government.

As longtime tithing partners—a program through which Habitat affiliates worldwide provide one another regular financial support—Habitat Metro Denver and Habitat Nicaragua are intrinsically linked. As recently as 2018, the Habitat Metro Denver team traveled to Nicaragua to build homes alongside our Nicaraguan counterparts. Through its commitment of $60,000, Habitat Metro Denver hopes to accelerate Habitat Nicaragua’s recovery and rebuilding efforts.

“Words are not enough to express how grateful we are for your incredible support of our initiatives and how you, as our committed partner, walk alongside us through the different challenges of recent years,” says Liza Rivera, Habitat Nicaragua’s resource development officer. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we extend this appreciation to the entire Habitat Metro Denver family for this much-needed support for our efforts!”

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