Gabe’s AmeriCorps Journey

“In a blink of an eye my first Americorps term was over & all of my fellow Americorps members went off into the world. I, however, felt like my path called for me to stay here at Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver for one more term as the veteran Americorps. I can say I am privileged to be in a position that I am able to complete a second Americorps term here in Denver.

It’s an interesting thing being back in the same job, site, house, and city but with 8 new strangers. The first day out on site was a huge indicator of how different the year would be. I saw this look on their face that could only be explained as a mix of happiness, anxiety, overwhelm, excitement, & inspiration. I know this look & feeling because it was me one year before. I remember standing there on site looking around at the next year of my life with no real idea if I had made a terrible mistake leaving home(best choice of my adult life).

Looking back & seeing that look that I had had only a year previous, I came to the realization of how far I had come internally in that blink. I had a lot of really great staff around me to inspire me & help me grow into who I am today, and I wanted to do that with the next class.

As the early days went by you could see in their eyes they were understanding what they had become a part of and how much of a direct impact they would have on the Denver community. As they all came to me with an insanely varying range of questions from construction to tips on public speaking; I started to understand more so I had transitioned into a leadership role within my Americorps class. This was new and uncomfortable to me and that look had now crept back onto my face, but this time I understand that look means a new opportunity for growth, which means yet again I have made the right decision.”

~ Gabe T, AmeriCorps National