Future Homeowner Chavella

For this single mom and her two teens, home is a space to dream.

13-year-old Ariyah taps through a series of photos on her cell phone, all depicting beautiful skyscapes – sunsets, mountain views, wispy clouds. “I love the sky,” she says, as her mom, Chavella, and sister Arianna lean over her shoulder to look. “I want to be a photographer someday.”

As a single mom, Chavella knows what it feels like to dream – just as her daughters are starting to do for their own lives.
She and her two girls have lived in the same small apartment for 12 years, and the aging building has had regular plumbing issues. As an analyst for an insurance company, Chavella has been working from
home for many years, but always in a cramped corner of her bedroom. And with growing teens, the family has been feeling more and more limited on space.

Purchasing her home through Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver’s affordable homeownership program is a dream realized for Chavella. It’s a chance to grow personally and professionally, and the result of many
years of hard work to improve her credit and pay down debt.

“Freedom, security, and stability” are top of mind for Chavella as she becomes a homeowner. Freedom for her daughters to have their own space to grow and pursue their own projects and dreams. The security
of a regular mortgage payment and fewer maintainance challenges. And more stability in her job as she sets up an office space at home.

As the family anticipates coming home to a brand new space at Habitat Denver’s Aria Homes development in North Denver, other dreams are also starting to feel possible. Allowing the girls to decorate their own rooms. Living closer to Chavella’s mom, so the whole family can be together more often. And planting roots in Chavella’s hometown, near the Westwood neighborhood where she grew up.

“Buying a home is a huge accomplishment that I wasn’t sure I would be able to do.”