Future Homeowner Alexandria

This fifth-generation Coloradan is here to stay. And is delighted that her children can say the same.

Alexandria has lived in Denver all of her life, and proudly voices her status as a fifth-generation Coloradan. As a single mom of three young children, she knows that owning a home will not only allow her to continue her Colorado heritage, but also bring stability to the next generation.

“Owning a home is very important to me,” said Alexandria, who works as a workforce management analyst for an insurance company. “The pandemic has really opened my eyes about how precious owning your own property is.”

Alexandria and her family have struggled with the constant price increases on their current rental unit. Their current home has also needed constant repairs, including treatment for mold and plumbing issues. And because their rental doesn’t have central heat or air conditioning, their daily routines are regularly interrupted by extreme temperatures. After exploring options to purchase a home on the open market in Denver, Alexandria feared that her goal was unattainable. She felt forced into the unstable rental market, and considered moving in with friends to save on costs.

Because of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Alexandria and her family will finally be able to settle down at Aria Homes, Habitat Denver’s 28-home development in the northwest part of the city. Alexandria has worked hard to become qualified to purchase a Habitat Home. For her, the most important part of becoming a homeowner is stability.

“We need a place where we can stay and learn and grow,” Alexandria said, describing how frequent moves have been hard on her children. She is looking forward to providing enough space for her children to foster a positive balance in life, and providing a separate bedroom for her daughter to have privacy from her younger brothers.

“I can’t wait to see their faces when they finally have their own space!” she said.

“Owning a home is very important to me. We need a place where we can stay and learn and grow.”