Donate Your Vehicle to Help Families Achieve Homeownership

When the time came for Sasha Giametti to part ways with her 1992 Subaru Legacy, she wanted to make sure it could provide someone else the unbelievable memories it had afforded her. So she donated the car that was handed down to her for her 16th birthday to Habitat Metro Denver to give it a good third life.

“I had many great memories with ‘Carmichael’,” Sasha wrote of the car that she affectionately named, “from driving around on summer nights listening to music with friends to waking up to find a bear leaning against the car, eyeing some macaroni and cheese we had left inside. I hope he serves others as well as he served me!”

You, too, can give your vehicle many more adventures while supporting an amazing cause by donating it to Habitat Metro Denver. Donating is quick and easy, and may also be tax deductible. Whether you have an old car, truck, RV, van, SUV, boat or motorcycle, running or not, we can accept them. And towing is free.

All net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will support Habitat Metro Denver and help local families achieve homeownership.


Donate Your Vehicle to help