Crystal and her daughter were able to move into their Habitat home just in the nick of time… mere weeks before the arrival of her new baby.

Before purchasing her new home, Crystal and her daughter had been living in an apartment where she didn’t feel like she was investing in their future.

“My family’s life has been greatly impacted by homeownership because I’m no longer paying money to a landlord,” Crystal shares.
“Now my money is going to equity and towards a place I can truly call mine!”

Crystal and her family have already made some big memories in their home.

“I have hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s at my house. I have also celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday and my son’s first birthday!”

Crystal is grateful to be able to own her own home and have a stable place to raise her two kids. And she’s making big plans for their future, too!

“One of my goals was to go back to school and get a nursing degree,” Crystal shares.
“And I’m now in school, and able to build my credit since my mortgage is lower than the rent I was paying.”