Corporate Donation: The Benefits of Donating Used Furniture, Appliances, and More

If you manage a business that is updating furniture, lighting, appliances or décor, consider donating your stuff to second hand home improvement stores like The Habitat ReStores. Your business, the environment, and your community will thank you!

Donation items we accept
Our ReStores accept furniture that’s in good condition: no tears, stains, pet hair or breaks. We don’t have a repair workshop, so unfortuately we can’t repair broken furniture. Please note that we can’t accept office furniture like office chairs or office-sized desks. This is because our customers are generally families, and office furniture simply doesn’t sell well at the ReStores. However, solid wood, household-sized desks are accepted along with other usable items.

We also accept much m ore than furniture – things like lighting, appliances, plumbing and more. Get more information on what the Habitat Denver ReStores do and do not accept. This article is by the Habitat Denver ReStores; if you’re viewing it from outside the Denver metro area, you can click here to find your local ReStore and find out what they accept for donation.

Business benefits of donations
Donating furniture benefits your business in several ways. The first is a tax donation receipt, which will directly benefit your business at the end of the year.

Remember that donations over a certain amount require a professional appraisal. You may need to seek advice from a professional for accurate reporting.

You can also save money on moving costs by getting your furniture picked up by our ReStore team. We do this for free for all our donors, whether they are individuals or businesses, but we encourage our donors to make a smallcash donation to help pay for the labor and material costs of the pickup. Don’t forget to include your cash donation on your tax donation receipt.

If you would like to speak with one of our corporate donations experts, please email We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Environmental benefits of donations
Many businesses care about preserving the environment. By donating your old furniture, you ensure that items that are still usable stay out of landfills. This relieves some of the pressure on the environment and also reduces the amount of new resources needed for making furniture.

“Reusing” is a fundamental principle of a good environmental policy, and furniture that can still be used should still be used. Why throw it away when it can serve another family or small business down the road?

Even more, by donating furniture you can allow someone the pleasure of upcyling that piece of furniture into something special. Click here to see some of our DIY projects from our blog.

Community benefits of donations
Every single ReStore purchase is used to help lower income families have a decent place to live. The profits from the Habitat ReStores support Habitat for Humanity in our efforts to create stable and affordable housing solutions for local families. In fact, the ReStores are one of Habitat for Humanity’s main sources of funding.

When businesses donate items, they allow people from their community to discover and purchase those items while supporting other families in that same community in their search for a decent affordable place to call home.

By contributing to the Habitat for Humanity mission, you show that you care about the people that your business serves, and you help make the world a better, more welcoming place for everyone.

Save money, save the planet, help your community: all good reasons for businesses to donate their gently used stuff to ReStore. To get started, visit our Corporate Donations page.